Galago Pro (External Overview)

Left side overview:

Left Ports

Right side overview:

Right Ports

Front side overview:

Front Ports

Back side overview:

Back Ports

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Galago Pro has the following actions available using the Fn and Function keys:

Fn-F1Fn+F1Toggle trackpad
Fn-F2Fn+F2Toggle built-in LCD
Fn-F4Fn+F4Cycle keyboard backlight brightness
Fn-F5Fn+F5Volume down
Fn-F6Fn+F6Volume up
Fn-F7Fn+F7Toggle displays
Fn-F8Fn+F8Screen brightness down
Fn-F9Fn+F9Screen brightness up
Fn-F10Fn+F10Toggle webcam
Fn-F11Fn+F11Toggle airplane mode
1Fn+1Toggle fan between max/automatic

LED indicators

The Galago Pro has the following LED indicators:

Power LEDOrangePowered off, DC power plugged in
GreenPowered on
Blinking greenSleeping (suspended)
Battery LEDOrangeBattery charging
GreenBattery fully charged
Blinking orangeBattery critically low