Adder WS (External Overview)

Left side overview:

Left Ports

Right side overview:

Right Ports

Front side overview:

Front Ports

Back side overview:

Back Ports

Keyboard & touchpad overview:

Keyboard & Touchpad


PartMaterialPart Number
LCD back cover (lid)Plastic• 15": 6-39-NP501-024
• 17": 6-39-PD701-023
or 6-39-PD711-021
LCD front cover (bezel)Plastic• 15": 6-39-NP501-033
• 17": 6-39-PD701-012
Top case (palm rests/port covers)Plastic• 15": 6-78-NP50SNE2-010
• 17": 6-78-PD70SNEG2-010
Bottom panelPlastic• 15": 6-39-NP5S3-012
• 17": 6-39-PD7S3-012

LED indicators

The Adder WS has the following LED indicators:

Power LEDOrangePowered off, DC power plugged in
GreenPowered on
Blinking greenSleeping (suspended)
Battery LEDOrangeBattery charging
GreenBattery fully charged
Blinking orangeBattery critically low
Storage LEDGreenStorage drive activity

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Adder WS has the following actions available using the Fn and Function keys:

Fn-F1Fn+F1Toggle trackpad
Fn-F2Fn+F2Toggle built-in LCD
Fn-F5Fn+F5Volume down
Fn-F6Fn+F6Volume up
Fn-F7Fn+F7Toggle displays
Fn-F8Fn+F8Screen brightness down
Fn-F9Fn+F9Screen brightness up
Fn-F10Fn+F10Toggle webcam
Fn-F11Fn+F11Toggle airplane mode
Fn-*Fn+*Toggle keyboard backlight
Fn-/Fn+/Cycle keyboard color
Fn--Fn+-Decrease keyboard brightness
Fn-+Fn++Increase keyboard brightness
1Fn+1Toggle fan between max/automatic